The number one question a homebuyer often has is “What does the mortgage process entail?” In very simple terms, following is an outline of the process upon which you are about to embark:

a) Get pre-approved: Avoid any hiccups or obstacles before you begin the home shopping process. Being pre-approved helps in the following ways:

b) Put in an offer: Once you have found the property that meets your needs, you will put in an offer that will be accepted or countered. This may go back and forth until you reach an acceptable price with the vendor.

c) Offer is accepted:

d) Remove Subjects: At this point, your financing is in place and you are ready to proceed with the purchase of the property.

e) Lawyers’ Office: You will be asked to provide any money that is to be used as your down payment, which is not already on deposit with your realtor. Typically, you will go in 1-2 days prior to the completion date. The lawyer will prepare documents to register the mortgage and transfer title to you.  All mortgage documentation will be signed at this time.